The Danube - A River's Lure

Despite differing economic and political systems, seven of the then eight states along the Danube joined together in 1972 to form a tourism marketing…


Decades of Tourist Trade at the Bük Medicinal Bath

The relatively short, 25-year history of Bükfürdö with ever-growing flow of visitors to the well-known medical thermal water shows the problems…


Spa Treatment in Austria

Spa treatment is an ideal remedy for chronic health deficiencies which are caused by the unhealthy and in some cases detrimental lifestyles of…


Spas in Austria

As early as the ancient Romans knew the relaxing and at the same time revitalizing effect of water. No wonder then that…

Water & Tourism

Styrian Thermal Region

Well-being, indulging, conquering back the sensation of living - this is the simple motto of the Styrian Thermal Region…


Austria has more than twenty high-quality spa facilities offering Kneipp treatment. They have been awarded the quality…


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