POLOPLAST Presents World Novelty

Outstandingly simple, swift and safe – this is how fitters describe POLO-KAL XS, the new generation of Poloplast’s proven POLO-KAL® domestic drainage system. This comes as no surprise: the company has been an innovation and technology leader in plastic pi

pe systems, compounds and polymer engineering for more than five decades.

MONOTEC sleeve joint technology

“With our premium brand POLO-KAL®, we have redefined the standard in plastic domestic drainage systems in various respects. POLO-KAL XS is an important milestone which further facilitates handling for fitters,” explains Erwin Mayrbäurl, Head of R & D at Poloplast. “The key to this is our patented Monotec sleeve joint technology.”

The POLO-KAL XS Monotec sleeves are made of one piece using hard and soft components, which allows to integrate the highly elastic and resistant seal (O-ring) into the sleeve joint. This reduces the insertion forces considerably and, as no bead is needed, provides for a slender system. A clearly legible ruler is imprinted on each pipe to facilitate measuring. The exact insertion depth is indicated by a marking on all Monotec pipe sleeves. 

Christian Schöller, Head of Product and Application Technology, says: “POLO-KAL XS is based on our proven three-layer technology. The individual plastic layers boast special formulas which guarantee outstanding pipe properties as well as full compatibility of the new POLO-KAL XS with our proven pipe systems POLO-KAL NG and POLO-KAL 3S.”

The three-layer technology also serves for efficient noise protection. The company has managed to “break” the 20 dB(A) sound barrier and thereby not only fulfils all existing requirements but also assures customers a high comfort of living. Poloplast General Manager Wolfgang Lux summarises the benefits of this trend-setting domestic drainage system: “No chamfering after pipes are cut to length, no lubricant for DN/OD 40 and 50 pipes, a simple measuring process, no omission of O-ring seals, high chemical and break resistance at low temperatures. Our 20-year guarantee confirms lasting value.” 

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