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Rabmer Pipe Renewal Group becomes SEKISUI SPR

The name of the Rabmer Holding changed to SEKISUI SPR Construction. Part of the extensive product portfolio is the Spiral-Wound technology.

For two years now, SEKISUI SPR Europe GmbH and the Rabmer Pipe Renewal Group have been cooperating on the European pipe rehabilitation market. At the same time, new markets have been created in Central and Eastern Europe by the locally established Rabmer

At the end of 2011, SEKISUI Chemical Co. Ltd. acquired a 75 % holding in the Rabmer Pipe Renewal Group, based in Austria. The proficiency that Rabmer contributes in the fields of TV inspection, cleaning, pipelining and close-fit technologies as well as software and service for planning rehabilitation projects and the network established in Eastern Europe, further strengthened the market position of the SEKISUI SPR Group in Europe. The Rabmer pipe renewal group enhanced its trenchless pipe rehabilitation technologies portfolio with the Spiral-Wound technology, thus also consolidating its market position in the Central and Eastern European area. With SEKISUI as the parent company, both corporate groups have since used their synergies to cover the complete value chain of pipe rehabilitation in Europe. SEKISUI SPR Europe and the Rabmer Pipe Renewal Group have expanded their product portfolio and now offer all over Europe the trenchless pipe rehabilitation technologies, Spiral-Wound pipe, Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) and Close-Fit.

By now, the Rabmer Pipe Renewal Group is 100 % part of the SEKISUI Group. To create a uniform presence, the following companies of the Rabmer Pipe Renewal Group will be renamed: 

Rabmer Holding GmbH -> SEKISUI SPR Construction GmbH

Rabmer Rohrtechnik GmbH -> SEKISUI SPR Austria GmbH

Rabmer Polska Sp.Zo.o -> SEKISUI SPR Poland Sp.Zo.o

Rabmer Sanace Potrubi s.r.o -> SEKISUI SPR Czech s.r.o

Rabmer Romania s.r.l  -> SEKISUI SPR Romania s.r.l.

Rabmer Konstrukcije d.o.o. -> SEKISUI SPR Croatia d.o.o.

Rabmer Slovakia s.r.o. -> SEKISUI SPR Slovakia s.r.o.

Rabmer Rohrsanierungs GmbH -> SEKISUI SPR Bavaria GmbH


In addition, all companies will carry the following SPR logo, which represents the pipe renewal division:


Within the next weeks all SEKISUI SPR companies in Europe will have the SPR logo except of KMG Pipe Technologies, subsidiary of SEKISUI SPR Europe GmbH. The merging creates a uniform presence and provides a greater effectiveness of the European pipe renewal entities of SEKISUI on the European market.


SEKISUI SPR Group, headquartered in Tokyo, combines expertise in trenchless pipe rehabilitation of SEKISUI Chemical Co. Ltd. with entities in Europe, America and Asia Pacific. The global network of experts covers all services in the pipe rehabilitation sector: cleaning & inspection, design installation and maintenance of networks. Experienced local construction companies of the continental entities ensure a professional project execution. In addition, SEKISUI SPR Group has a comprehensive portfolio of technologies for the rehabilitation of water, sewage and gas networks, such as the Spiral-Wound pipe lining, Cured-in-Place-Pipe and Fold-and-Form method. Those trenchless technologies ensure an environmentally friendly installation and double the lifespan of the pipe systems. SEKISUI SPR Group employs a workforce of 800 worldwide and operates in over 40 countries. 

SEKISUI SPR Construction Group (formerly Rabmer Holding) 

In 2011, the Rabmer pipe renewal division was broken-up and merged with SEKISUI Chemical Co. Ltd. The present SEKISUI SPR Construction has been one of the leading suppliers of pipe rehabilitation technologies for almost 30 years. Service and products relating to pipe and container rehabilitation are provided through a comprehensive network of subsidiaries throughout Eastern Europe as well as the technology trading company SPR TEC Europe GmbH. The SEKISUI SPR Construction Group has 180 employees, and achieved revenue of 33 million EUR in 2012. 

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